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Artistic Licence
Artistic Licence * Micro-Scope 3A
Stock1 pcs.
Technical detailsDMX 512
DescriptionDMX Tester DMX 512(XLR 5pin 120 oHm Terminator) XLR 5pin Line-Light ,Adaptor 220v -9volt VGA-USB cable 2,5m , VGA-XLR 5pin cable 2,5m
case #5109
• 1x Artistic Licence Micro-Scope 3A
Celco * Demux
Stock2 pcs.
Description30 MUX/36 DEMUX(SOC 337 IN/OUT)
case #287
• 1x Celco Demux
case #296
• 1x Celco Demux
• 2x Celco Series 2
Celco * Fusion 1.5.1
Stock2 pcs.
Weight1,1 Kg
Description1xDMX (5pin) in 1>4 DMX (5pin) out 5>6 DMX (3pin out
case #2058
• 2x Celco Fusion 1.5.1
• 12x DMX5 Cable DMX5-10m
• 12x DMX5 Cable DMX5-5m
• 1x DMX5 Cable DMX5-50m
• 24x DMX5 Cable DMX5-3m
• 1x DMX5 Cable DMX5-25m
• 1x Livepower DMX5-100m
• 1x Livepower DMX5-8ch B
• 1x Sky-lite Sky-lite 90 L
Stock4 pcs.
DescriptionDMX(5pin) block Shuko 220v 16A
case #5091
• 8x DMX-IT DMX5-16A
Stock1 pcs.
DescriptionELC Dmx-Lan (Trussmount)
case #1760
• 1x ELC ELC
• 2x XTBA XTBA 512
Stock2 pcs.
DescriptionDMX USB Pro standard interface for connecting PCs and MACs to DMX512 lighting networks
case #5104
case #5105
Goddard Design
Goddard Design * Lil-DMXter
Stock2 pcs.
Technical detailsDMX 512
DescriptionLil DMXter (Full DMX Tester)
case #2021
• 1x ASL Blinq
• 2x ASL TR-2
• 2x ASL IS-140
• 2x dee custom-Adaptors XLR-F-Jack-C
• 2x dee custom-Adaptors XLR-F-M-Earth-C
• 2x dee custom-Adaptors XLR-M-Jack-C
• 2x dee custom-Adaptors XLR-F-M-Phase-C
• 2x dee custom-Adaptors XLR-F-F-C
• 2x dee custom-Adaptors XLR-F-Y-2x XLRM-C
• 2x dee custom-Adaptors XLR-M-M-C
• 3x DMX5 Cable DMX-M-5pin-F-3pin-C
• 3x DMX5 Cable DMX-F-5pin-M-3pin-C
• 1x goddard Design Lil-DMXter
• 10x Neutrik NA3MJ
• 1x Sky-lite Sky-lite double
• 1x The Audio Toolbox Terra Sonde
case #5102
• 1x goddard Design Lil-DMXter
Luminex * Ethernet-DMX8 MKII
Stock1 pcs.
DescriptionLuminex Ethernet-DMX8 MKII(DMX 8x shielded & gold plated Neutrik 5 pin XLR) and (Network 2x 10/100Mbps Neutrik RJ45 Ethercon ) DMX512 (1986-1990), DMX Features DMX512-A, RDM ANSI E1.20 Etherbet Features Art-Net™, sACN ANSI E1.31
case #5110
• 1x Luminex Ethernet-DMX8 MKII
• 1x Luminex PoE Module
Luminex * PoE Module
Stock1 pcs.
DescriptionLuminex MkII Ethernet-DMX the converter can be powered by any PoE (Power Over Ethernet, 802.3af) compliant power source.
case #5110
• 1x Luminex Ethernet-DMX8 MKII
• 1x Luminex PoE Module
MA-Lighting * 8port Node onPC
Stock1 pcs.
DescriptionOutput Connectors 8 x XLR 5pin (DMX), 1 x CTRL (future use), 1 x etherCON ,The MA 8Port Node onPC can be used in combination with the free-of-charge grandMA2 onPC software running on a computer to provide 2,048 parameters. Furthermore MA 8Port Node onPC and MA 4Port Node onPC can be combined with the MA onPC command wing and MA onPC fader wing for parameter expansion.
case #281
• 1x MA-Lighting 8port Node onPC
Martin * USB DMX
Stock1 pcs.
DescriptionUSB>DMX(SW 1,06 BUILD 31)
case #5106
• 1x Martin USB DMX
Martin * Visualizer
Stock1 pcs.
DescriptionMartin offline Visualizer
case #5107
• 1x Martin Visualizer
Robert Juliat
Robert Juliat * Espion
Stock1 pcs.
Technical detailsDMX 512
DescriptionESPION (DMXTester)
case #5101
• 1x Robert Juliat Espion
Wysiwyg * Wysiwyg Design
Stock1 pcs.
DescriptionRelease 2019 (Dongel Paiting with Light)
case #5108
• 1x Wysiwyg Wysiwyg Design
Stock2 pcs.
DescriptionDMX 512 Smart splitter The rack version of the XTBA Smart Splitter is provided with a pair of ‘ears’ for fitting into a 19” rack frame. The ears are fitted to the unit by removing the two screws on either side at the front of the unit. The stick on rubber feet (used when the unit is free standing) will need to be removed from the underside of the unit.
case #1760
• 1x ELC ELC
• 2x XTBA XTBA 512
Zero88 * Demux-48
Stock1 pcs.
DescriptionDEMUX 48(2x24CH SOC337 0-10v) DMX input
case #209
• 4x Pulsar Pulsar
• 1x Zero88 Demux-48