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Fender Rhodes
Fender Rhodes * Mark 1 73
Stock1 pcs.
Weight57 kg
Technical details73-Key (Full case weight 57kg)
DescriptionFender Rhodes Mark 1 73
case # ---
No packages available for this product.
Hammond * XK-3C
Stock1 pcs.
DimensionsL127cm x W49cm x H27cm
Weight19,5 kg
Technical details73-key
Description73 keys (61 +12 preset keys) In Flightcase 42kg
case #2524
• 1x Hammond XK-3C
• 1x Hammond EXP-100F
Korg * Extreme
Stock1 pcs.
Technical details88-key
DescriptionKorg Extreme Software + Pedal Switch DP-8
case #2518
• 1x Korg Extreme
• 1x Roland DP-8
Korg * Microstation
Stock1 pcs.
Technical details61-Key
DescriptionKorg Microstation ,Workstation +Pedal Switch DP-8 (61 mini keys)
case #2528
• 1x Korg Microstation
• 1x Roland DP-2
Korg * Triton
Stock1 pcs.
Technical details61-Key
DescriptionKorg-Triton(61 Keys)
case #2511
• 1x Korg Triton
Kurzweil * PC2-X
Stock1 pcs.
Technical details88-key
DescriptionKurzweil PC2X (Adapter PM0024-001 Output 9v-1,75A)
case #2519
• 1x Kurzweil PC2-X
• 1x Kurzweil KP-1
Nord * Nord Electro 3
Stock1 pcs.
Weight9.1 kg
Technical details73-Key
DescriptionClavia Nord Stage eletro 3 73 +Pedal DP-10
case #2522
• 1x Nord Nord Electro 3
• 1x Roland DP-10
Nord * Nord Stage
Stock1 pcs.
Weight16.5 kg
Technical details76-Key
DescriptionClavia Nord stage 76 EX + Pedal
case #2521
• 1x Nord Nord Stage
• 1x Nord Nord clavia 4
Nord Stage
Nord Stage * 2 EX 88
Stock1 pcs.
Dimensions128,7cm 11,8cm 33,4cm
Weight18,5 kg
Technical details88-key
DescriptionClavia Nord stage 2 EX 88, 88-key Velocity sensitive Hammer Action keyboard.
case #2530
• 1x Nord stage 2 EX 88
• 1x Nord stage VFP1-15
Novation * 49 SL MK2
Stock1 pcs.
DimensionsW80 x L26 x H6,8 cm
Weight4,5 kg
Technical details49-key
DescriptionNovation Remote 49SL MK2 Midi controller
case #2529
• 1x Novation 49 SL MK2
Roland * E-40
Stock1 pcs.
Technical details61-Key
DescriptionRoland E-40/OR Adapter ACN230T Output 12v/500ma
case #2515
• 1x Roland E-40
Roland * Fantom G6
Stock1 pcs.
Weight14,5 kg
Technical details61-Key
DescriptionRoland G6 (61 Keys with velocity) Workstation
case #2512
• 1x Roland Fantom G6
• 1x Roland DP-10
Roland * FP-50-BK
Stock1 pcs.
Technical details88-key
DescriptionRoland FP-50-BK Digital piano 88 keys (Ivory Feel-G Keyboard with Escapement) Key Touch: 5 levels, Fixed Touch
case #2513
• 1x Roland FP-50-BK
• 1x Roland DP-6
Roland * PC-180
Stock1 pcs.
Weight2,5 kg
Technical details49-Key
DescriptionRoland Midi keyboard controller (49 velocity sensitive)
case #2514
• 1x Roland PC-180
Roland * RD-700
Stock1 pcs.
Technical details88-key
DescriptionRoland RD-700 Digital piano , Pedal Switch DP-6
case #2517
• 1x Roland RD-700
• 1x Roland DP-6
Roland * RD-700 GX
Stock1 pcs.
Weight25 kg
Technical details88-key
DescriptionRoland RD-700 GX Digital piano , Pedal Switch DP-6
case #2523
• 1x Roland RD-700 GX
• 1x Roland DP-6
Roland * RS50
Stock1 pcs.
Weight5.5 kg
Technical details61-Key
DescriptionRoland RS50 61 Keys(with velocity)
case #2516
• 1x Roland RS50
Yamaha * Motif XF6
Stock1 pcs.
Weight17,2 kg
Technical details61-Key
DescriptionYamaha Motif XF6
case #2527
• 1x Roland DP-10
• 1x Yamaha Motif XF6
Yamaha * Motif XS8
Stock1 pcs.
Technical details88-key
DescriptionYamaha Motif XS8
case #2520
• 1x Yamaha Motif XS8
• 1x Yamaha FC-3